Equipment and materials transportation safety guarantee measures

(1) must carry out the following inspection before loading, shipment of the special vehicle must complete pin, bolt, three-ring chain device such as a connection of wear not overrun, binding equipment must use phi 15.5 wire rope and chain blocks, shall not be replaced with galvanized iron wire, iron wire, Manila.

(2) when lifting equipment must be good collocation, make the equipment shortages of center of gravity and centre of gravity is collocated, shall not deviate from the side, to avoid tipping in transit.

(3) the cable pipe, cart to pay attention to the protection of hand and foot and body parts, when in connection cart should pay attention to the front of the running close to switch, bend, throat, throttle and run with an obstacle in front of the signal in time and in and out of the air door to close it immediately after the throttle, and cannot be open at the same time two damper, found no obstacle, to promptly eliminate, were introduced to signal, through the switch to cart go slow, so as not to hurt the skip over voltage, when the trailer hanging from front to back, by the trailer at the same time, two people must be one person, all sorts of good one cart to cooperate with each other, in order to avoid crowded hurt, slant to devolve the heavy car or empty, must use the hoist hook hang up your car, check after solid block good pedestrian, ability to lower the car, it is forbidden to fly car, no matter in the scene or underground, same direction when the cart, the distance between two car when the slope is less than or equal to 5 ‰, spacing not less than 10 m; Slope is greater than 5 ‰ in the space between two should not be less than 30 meters, slope is greater than 7 ‰, no human cart, no porter by team leader assigned personnel picking hook, the hook worker, bell man, hoist drivers do show certificates, before hook, hook work must be inspected by using the connection device is safe and reliable, otherwise you are not allowed to be used. Second to check the elevator traction rope used and insurance rope wear situation, found the hook and rope broken wires broken stocks or serious rust, loose outer wire rope, wire rope diameter to reduce 10% of the original diameter, have more than one of these is not delivery any material. Or causing serious consequences shall be the responsibility of the team leader and picking hook, at the same time, according to the lawless part, bell man, picking hook to cooperate with each other well, bell man to be such as hook hanging hook after leaving the vehicle, to signal to drive a car.

(4) all deviated well delivery material must be "not driving people, pedestrians don't driving". And in the back yard bypass, rail + 590 level 2 # lane two hooks to install temporary car stop, ascends to slow gear to ascend.