Inspection contents and methods of mechanical equipment

To make mechanical equipment in the process of using security, we use machinery and equipment, important parts need to be tested, and according to the requirements of different choice of the reasonable testing method, the standard network in this tell everybody the contents and the methods of the mechanical equipment are in need of inspection.

Mechanical equipment inspection main content:

1, the component test

Includes an examination of the geometric accuracy of the parts, such as the size and shape of the parts; Surface quality of parts inspection, such as surface roughness, surface damage and other defects, etc.; Parts of the mechanical properties test, such as strength and hardness of the parts, parts of balance, the spring stiffness and so on; Inspection of parts hidden defects, such as holes, slag, such as micro cracks.

2, assembly, inspection

Such as parts and parts of the relative position, with a gap or interference; Balance between the parallel axis, alignment between front axle and so on.

3, the machine inspection

The whole machine test machine technology of condition inspection. Including mechanical work ability, dynamic economic performance, etc.

Mechanical equipment common inspection method:

A, examining method: this method alone to see, touch, ear listens to examine and judge, simple and feasible, wide application, can be divided into:

Visual method: (1) the surface damage of the parts such as coarse, groove, cracks, scratches, peeling (peeling) large and obvious deformation, fracture and parts, serious wear and tear, annealing and surface ablation by visual or determined with the aid of a magnifying glass to observe. While others, such as film rupture of rigid coupling, dislocation of the elastic coupling, threaded connection and riveting sealed film rupture can also be used, such as visual judgment.

: (2, tapping method for casing parts is not obvious cracks, bearing alloy, and the combination of bottom tile, etc., can be judged through listening knock is ringing or scratchy.

(3, comparison: with the new standard parts compared with the tested parts to identify the technical conditions of test parts. Such as spring free length, the length of the chain, the quality of the rolling bearing, and so on.

B, measurement method: after parts wear or deformation causes the change of the size and shape, or caused by tiredness technical performance (such as elastic). By measuring tools and instruments for measuring and control allows a standard, determine whether to continue to use, or for repair or scrap. For example, the temperature measurement of rolling bearing clearance, the gear abrasion quantity of measurement to measure the size, the spring elasticity, etc.

C, detection: for parts of hidden defects especially important parts of fine defect detection, is of great significance to ensure the quality of repair and the use of safe, must carefully, mainly has the following way:

Display method: 1, penetrating into kerosene or diesel will clean the parts in a moment, then remove dry surface, sprinkle a layer of talcum powder, and then with a small hammer tapping parts of the face, if parts have crack, crack due to vibration in oil leakage, and make the crackle of talcum powder appeared yellow line mark.

2, fluorescence display method: first, will be tested parts surface is clean, use ultraviolet lamp irradiation preheat for 10 minutes, the workpiece surface is observed under uv light purple, then with fluorescent display liquid evenly in the parts work surface, can show yellow-green defects.

3, flaw detection, magnetic powder flaw detection, ultrasonic inspection, radiographic inspection. Is mainly used to measure the parts internal defects and weld quality, etc.