Quality QC seven gimmick and the quality inspection standard is what?

Seven new tube technique, also called seven new qc tools, the main role is to use a convenient technique to solve some management problems, with the original "old" qc seven gimmick, it is mainly used in the high-level management, while the old seven gimmick is mainly used in concrete practice. Therefore, a new technique is applied to some of the management system of seven more rigorous and higher management level.

A, origin

The old and new seven tools are made by the Japanese. The Japanese put forward seven old tools to implement and achieve success, and 1979 new seven tools. Call it a "seven tools", because the Japanese ancient samurai in japan.now fights, often with seven kinds of weapons, the so-called seven tool is used for seven kinds of weapons.

Useful statistical quality management tools, of course, more than seven. In addition to the old and new seven tools, commonly used tools and experimental design, map, graph, etc.

Second, the old seven tools

QC seven gimmick is old: don't check table, layer method, Plato, cause and effect diagram, scatter diagram, histogram, control chart.

In a sense, QC seven gimmick, partly reflects the company has advanced management level. These technique application of success or failure, will become an important aspect of the company to upgrade market: almost all of the OEM customers, saves statistical techniques application as one of the most important aspects of the audit, such as TDI, MOTOROLA, etc.

Three, the new seven tools

QC seven new gimmick is: diagram method, KJ method, system data analysis method, matrix method, matrix and PDPC method, network diagram method.

Relative to character, application of new technique in the world of seven is much less than the old seven gimmick, also has never been one of the most important aspects of the customer audit.