The difference between the ISO9001 standard management system and other management system

ISO9001 standard is many of the world economy quality management scientific summary of practical experience of developed countries, the versatility and guidance. Implementing the standard of ISO9001, and can promote the organization of quality management system to improve and perfect, to promote international economic and trade activities, eliminate technical barriers to trade, improve the management level of organization can play a good role. In summary, the function and significance of basically has the following several aspects:

The implementation of ISO9001 standards to improve the quality of the product

Credible degree, protect the interests of consumers, improve products

According to ISO9001 standards to establish quality management system, through the effective application system, promote enterprise continuously improve products and processes, to achieve the stability and improve product quality, is undoubtedly one of the most effective protection for the interests of the consumer, has increased the consumers to choose qualified supplier credible degree of the product.

Improve the ability of enterprise management

ISO9001 standards to encourage enterprise in the formulation and implementation of quality management system using process method, through to identify and manage numerous interrelated activities, as well as the management of these activities system and continuous monitoring and control, in order to realize the customer can accept the product. In addition, provides a framework for the continual improvement of the quality management system, increase the customer satisfactory degree (consumer) and other relevant parties. ISO9001 standards, therefore, to effectively improve the management ability of enterprises and provides effective way to enhance market competition ability.

Effective in enterprise's continuous improvement and continue to meet customer

The needs and expectations

The customer's needs and expectations are changing, this causes the enterprise continuously improve products and processes. And just the quality management system requirements for enterprises to improve product and process provides an effective way.

Is beneficial to promote international trade, technical barriers

International economic and technological cooperation, ISO9001 standard was as mutual recognition technology base, ISO9001 quality management system certification system also get mutual recognition in the international scope, and incorporated into the conformity assessment procedure. / technical barriers of the world trade organization (WTO/TBT) is one of the WTO agreement on a series of, it involves technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures. Implement ISO9001 standard for international economic and technological cooperation with the international common language and standards; Quality management system certification, has become involved in domestic and international trade, enhance the competitiveness of the powerful weapon. Therefore, to carry out the ISO9001 standard to eliminate technical barriers, eliminate trade barriers has played a very positive role.